New Upstream: Level(3) - AS3356

We're happy to announce that Level(3) will begin carrying our routes February, 1 2011.

New Partnership: ReTN - AS9009

The contracts with ReTN are finally signed. We're very happy that we were able to partner with them. The keystone of our network has been set. They will begin carrying our routes by February, 1 2011.

Planned Maintenance: Friday, January, 28 22:00 to Saturday, January, 29, 06:00

We will be upgrading our backbone to a fully redundant configuration. You might see our routes flap during the upgrade.

New Partnership: OpenCarrier - AS41692

We've just joined OpenCarrier, a German ISP cooperative. Expect to see our routes at ECIX in Dusseldorf and at N-IX in Nuremberg soon.