Swisscom Peering

We have long wanted to peer with this premier Swiss telecommunications provider, but so far we haven't been able to make it happen. Large corporations often move slowest, so we haven't given up hope. Swisscom, if you're reading this — and you read everything on the Internet, right? — this is our affectionate plea to you. Peering with us is good for education, good for Switzerland, good for the Internet, and good for your eternal soul:

  • our boss doing some packet shaping (with a chain saw)
  • Studies show that peering with educational nonprofit projects is not as good a way to improve your karma as stopping global warming, but it's a heck of a lot easier.
  • You're a major corporation. Of course you need to worry about your karma.
  • You already have a program to support schools, so we know your commitment to education is there. Can't it also be here?
  • When you peer with us, we'll promote your broadband services to our users, recommending you for home use. You could finally get a foothold in the other 50 percent of the home broadband market!
  • You could prove to the world and Fredy Künzler that you're not that bad, and that hugely successful telecoms providers and an open Internet that serves all can coexist. On the same planet, even!
  • You're huge, so our small operation's impact on your network would be virtually nonexistent, but your impact on our students' ability to connect to the Internet would be huge.
  • These students are the ones who will be funding our retirement. You don't want them to grow up unable to get a good job because network latency kept them from getting a solid education. Do you?
  • As this picture indicates, our boss is going a little nuts with the delicate fine tuning it takes to traffic shape your traffic. He's starting to make the kids nervous. Please help.

Swisscom, it's not about us. Think about your customers. With slower links to our networks, students doing their homework via your broadband connections get poorer access to our fancy training materials. What does that leave them with — Wikipedia? Surely the children of this great nation deserve better.

A peering relationship with Swisscom is the top of our wish list, because it would really improve our service to the schools of Zug. All kidding aside, we really look forward to finding a successful way to work together.

Improve our Connection to Africa

Our students are curious about the world, and want to discover it through the Internet. Well, actually, they want to discover it by going everywhere, but do you know how hard it is to organize a safari for 5,000 kids? The Internet is the next best option, and many of our students are looking up great educational content from Africa. Our traffic to those websites, though, has high rates of loss and latency, and most of our complaints that the Internet is too slow or that web pages won't load are related to African destinations.

We're looking for a way to improve that service and thus strengthen a significant part of our student's education. The reward for curiosity and taking the initiative to learn something should not be a “Operation Timed Out” message. If you have a decent proposal, contact us. If you've got a half-baked idea, contact us anyway, and we'll see whether we can make it work.