Tinet SpA · Loc. Sa Illetta · SS 195 - km 2,300 · 09122 Cagliari · Italy

Tinet is awesome, as our students would say (if we let them anywhere near the backend workings of our network). A Tier 1 ISP with a heart for schools, Tinet is practically our private airline—it takes our kids around the world and back, thousands of times a day. They're our strategic partner for long-range communications and, put simply, AS34288 would not have gotten off the ground without them.

Tinet is a premier network—rated one of the top three IPv6 backbones worldwide, and a top five world IPv4 provider. Their coverage in Europe and the U.S. is brilliant, and they provide excellent quality, delivering data over short routes. And their customer service is unrivaled.

Remember, we're a school—our funding is minimal and we spend as little of it as possible. Also, we're a difficult and demanding customer on a technical level. (Socially, we're sweet as kittens.) Yet despite being high-maintenance and, financially, among Tinet's least significant clients, the company treats us like royalty. Their sales team has gone to great lengths to get us a terrific solution—financially and technically—and their support team couldn't be better. In the three years we've been working with Tinet, they have more than lived up to their reputation of focusing on excellent customer service rather than just turning a quick profit.

Of course, since they're based in Sardinia, it may just be that they've always got a little bit of that warm vacation glow that we only have right after a long holiday ... in Sardinia.

If you're looking to make your own high-speed journeys around the globe, these guys definitely fly you first-class. Tell them we sent you, and you might even get an extra bag of peanuts.

ZUGERNET - Hofmann Informatik AG · Grienbachstrasse 17 · 6300 Zug · Switzerland

ZugerNet, which runs the main colocation site in Zug, too, has long been a supporter of our mission to serve the Internet needs of the canton's schools. ZugerNet provides the full range of ISP services, tailored to small and medium enterprises and with a strong emphasis on security. For customers who need sophisticated “one stop” solutions without having to be computer engineers themselves, ZugerNet is the choice. They're pragmatic but non-bureaucratic, which means you speak directly to well-trained, helpful technicians. And because ZugerNet is local, it's particularly good at understanding the needs of businesses located in and around Zug.

We've spent a long time in many kinds of partnering relationship with a lot of networking companies, so we know how to find a good relationship and stay with it. We couldn't be happier with ZugerNet if they came over and read us a bedtime story every night.

Init7 AG · Elias Canetti-Strasse 7 · 8050 Zürich · Switzerland

We love Init7. They're a major ISP — among the best-connected in Switzerland — that still maintains an open peering policy. That's in part because their boss, Fredy Künzler, has an unrivaled commitment to improving the Swiss ISP scene (so thanks, Fredy!). Init7 has a small, motivated team that's always ahead of the curve, technically and in dedication to customer service. When you go to them with a problem, question or request, they bend over backward to find the perfect solution. You don't feel like the annoying guy who's so arrogant as to demand actual service for your money — you feel like a valuable customer in a friendly, professional environment. You feel well taken care of. That's how we've felt, for six years and counting.


RETN Ltd. · Suite A - The Chambers · 5A The Square · Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 3HJ · United Kingdom

RETN Ltd. · 19, Leninskaya Sloboda St. · Moscow, 115280 · Russia

We are very grateful to work with ReTN. We peered with them for several years before choosing them as our transit provider focused on Northern and Eastern Europe. Through our years of peering, the very few incidents that originated on their network were resolved almost instantly by their knowledgeable network engineers. Back then, we were a minor peer who brought no money to ReTN, and still the company treated us like its oldest, most valued customer.

ReTN is based in Russia, but we've always communicated very smoothly in English, and the staff's deep knowledge and positive attitude impresses us every time. They run a very transparent network, so we always know what's going on and what their capacity is, and they're one of the only major networks following an open peering strategy, with a presence on nearly all relevant IXPs. This is how the Internet should work, and how ISPs should best serve their customers. Their short routes to China and Japan are a great bonus.

Anyone looking for very fast access, particularly to Russia or the CIS, should look no further. ReTN is fast, reliable and a pleasure to work with. It would sound like a joke to say we'd trust them with our children, but as an ISP serving only public schools, we pretty much really have.

GAS&COM AG · Postfach 360 · 4144 Arlesheim

Without Gas&Com and their great support, this entire educational technology project would not have been possible. Gas&Com provides our fiber link from Zug to Zurich, and it's true that we're very much drawn to them because they provide fantastic services at reasonable prices. And their 100 percent perfect uptime in the three years we've worked with them isn't bad, either.

But the best thing is that their fiber runs along their gas pipelines. When construction companies or government crews start digging into the ground, they sometimes cut fiber or other communications line by accident. But they tend to be super extra careful when working alongside gas lines, so we count that as an extra layer of network security. If you're looking for the fiber connection that's least likely to be accidentally severed by a rogue backhoe, look no further.


renesys · 1155 Elm St. · Suite 510 · Manchester, NH 03101 · United States

renesys is not messing around. They're the number one source for internet analytics—every time there's a news report about a troubled country going offline, it's a renesys analyst who explains it so that the New York Times or the BBC can understand. If renesys can tell you how the internet operates during a civil war, they can certainly tell you what's going on when your cloud server is a little wonky. Sure, with time and effort, you can find some of the data yourself, but is that any way to run a network?

renesys provides fast, concise, professional reports explaining who peers with whom, who is a provider for whom, everything except knowing when to use "who" and when to use "whom" (we had to look that up ourselves). renesys has been an indispensable tool for extending our network, as well as quickly locating problems. They take the fear and guesswork out of using a public internet infrastructure to provide mission-critical services. We'd literally be lost without them.