AS: 34288
Our prefixes:
IP v4:,,, 109.233.176/21,
IP v6: 2001:4b20::/32
Suggested Maximum-Prefix: IPv4: 25, IPv6: 10


Peering Policy

AS34288 is willing to peer with everyone at all exchange points we share. Details

There are no settlement charges. We do not require a signed contract, but will consider signing one if requested.

You must:
  • operate a knowledgeable NOC that we can contact directly in case of trouble. No response within 48 hours may lead to depeering.
  • only announce routes of your own customers.
  • establish a peering setup that is technically sound and in accordance with best practices.
  • assist in troubleshooting and containing any peering-related issues, plus (D)DOS, UCE, hacking or virus attacks originating from your network.
  • have your current routing policy registered with RIPE or another decent registry.
You must not:
  • set any static route to our network, at any time, for any reason.
  • reset next hop - at any time, for any reason.
  • announce private, special-use or reserved address space (e.g. RFC 1918, RFC 3300, RFC 3849, RFC 4193, RFC 5737).
  • announce a default route.
  • announce our routes to non-customers.
We will:
  • filter announcements smaller than /24 (IPv4) or /48 (IPv6).
  • shut down a peering if we are getting severe problems and ask questions later.
We will not:
  • honor MEDs, so hot-potato routing is implied.
We promise:
  • to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.
  • to do all the stuff we expect from you.
Funny Stuff:
  • As an educational network, we're usually supporting all kinds of strange experiments and ideas - even useful services with some public relevance. But ask before trying anything.
  • AS34288 maintains the right to change this policy at any time without written notification.
  • AS34288 might reject a peering if this potential peering will endanger our network or severely endanger our aims as a school network.
  • If you want to adjust any of these rules, there is good chance that we would agree, given good reasons, but you must get our written agreement first.


Location: ALP-IX - Equinix
Our endpoints:
IPv6: 2001:7f8:44::85f0:0:1
Our AS macro: AS34288:AS-IX:AS-AMSIX
Location: AMS-IX - SARA
Our endpoints:
IPv6: 2001:7f8:1::A503:4288:1
Our AS macro: AS34288:AS-IX:AS-AMSIX
Location: DE-CIX - Interxion FRA2
Our endpoints:
IPv6: 2001:7f8::85f0:0:1
Our AS macro: AS34288:AS-IX:AS-DECIX
Location: KleyReX - Interxion Frankfurt - FRA2
Our endpoints:
Our AS macro: AS34288:AS-IX:AS-KLEYREX
Location: LINX - Telecity Sovereign House
Our endpoints:
IPv6: 2001:7f8:4::85f0:1
Our AS macro: AS34288:AS-IX:AS-LINX
Location: SwissIX - Interxion
Our endpoints:
IPv4: &
IPv6: 2001:7f8:24::46 & 2001:7f8:24::47
Our AS macro: AS34288:AS-IX:AS-SWISSIX

Indirect Peerings

We're present at all exchanges we can financially and technologically reach, but there are far more IXPs than we're able to get to. For now. In the meanwhile, you can still partner with us through the indirect method. We've partnered with two major ISPs that support open peering: Init7 and ReTN. They're each an integral part of our Internet strategy. If you peer with them, you'll get our routes from them. Both are well-run, rock-solid providers and are just very pleasant to work with — we recommend them without reservation.

Working with these two providers supports two companies that believe in open peering, and even supports our efforts to serve the schools of Zug. It's the kind of happy ending you only see in a Hollywood movie.

Available IXPs

Contact ReTN - AS9002 or Init7 - AS13030 to get a peering...

North America