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Zug Is For Lovers

Zug, the jewel of Switzerland, lies pretty much in the heart of our landlocked nation (Europe's oldest democracy! Come for the watches, stay for the representative government!), and features two large, gorgeous lakes that put more cliched destinations like the Black Sea or the Mediterranean to shame. You know what you can't get on the Mediterranean? Really good cheese. Well, okay, there's France, but other than that, you'd better really like feta. And chocolate? You'd be out of luck, pal.

Zug, the heart of Europe, is among the oldest of the 26 cantons (Zurich beat us by a year in 1351) and almost the last, alphabetically (Zurich again! Argh!). Like all of Switzerland, we've been politically neutral since 1515, but we've been known to take sides in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Zug, the canton of dreams, with its lower tax rates, lovely medieval center and easy access to an international airport and world-class opera (both in Zurich, but we still beat 'em on taxes), is also a fantastic place to educate your children. Especially if you send them to the schools benefiting from AS34288's Internet services, unmatched anywhere in the world. Including Zurich.


We serve a fantastic network of schools that takes fun-loving, undisciplined children and turns them into fun-loving, disciplined adults with well-rounded educations and the ability to succeed in their chosen careers. Our schools have international reputations (for excellence, of course).

There's no such thing as “modern” (or even “adequate”) education without strong Internet and IT capabilities, and our program brings the world to our students and our students to the world. AS34288 provides full ISP services to the schools, in support of the schools' mission to provide students with foundations of an excellent education.

Kantonsschule Zug

Kantonsschule Zug is a large, modern high school in downtown Zug. We have a gymnasium (a high school for those who plan to continue their studies at a university) and a commercial high school (emphasizing preparation for a trade).

Classes are complemented by study weeks and work weeks (weeklong interdisciplinary projects), school and sport camps (weeklong athletic programs), subject-specific excursions, study and school trips, as well as by sports events. There is also a great range of classes on intellectual subjects, art and music, and athletics. In December 2004, the school was distinguished by the state as a sports-friendly school.

In the 2010-11 school year, 1,620 students were divided into 84 classes, taught by 217 teachers. The school strives to support, encourage and guide students on their paths to become independent and responsible human beings. We have a 150-year-old tradition, and our gymnasium graduates are able to go on to nearly any university in Europe.


GIBZ (Gewerblich-industrielle Bildungszentrum/Trade-Industrial Educational Center Zug) is a vocational school recognized well beyond the country’s borders. GIBZ is proud to offer much more than just the required school education to young people who want to work in trades and industry.

GIBZ places special emphasis on planning for the future and preparing to learn a trade, providing the basic, theoretical portion of an apprenticeship before students enter the working world. The school offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and practice-oriented, topical classes, using advanced, modern methods of teaching and learning.

The school transfers knowledge but also shows how to develop knowledge independently, alone or in a team. GIBZ can be considered a living space where students are taught, and taught how to learn. Students receive a great deal of support. Another important aspect is interaction with each other. Emphasis is laid on respect, tolerance and openness.

The 180-year-old school focuses on quality of education and cultivates the students' skills and interests, while giving them the tools to succeed.


Die Fachmittelschule (vocational school) is a full-time high school in the sekundarstufe II. FMS offers a more profound general education, with specialization in areas relevant to the student's career intentions.

FMS students are performance-oriented and want to start their professional training in fields (such as social work, teaching and medical-technician careers) that require a high level of general education and demands self-discipline and social competence.

The three-year program prepares students for vocational training in higher technical schools, advanced technical colleges/universities of applied sciences and teaching universities.


The Wirtschaftsmittelschule (WMS), or commercial (business) school, follows after the third grade of the secondary school or the fourth grade of the Bezirksschule. It's a practical program that prepares students for work in such specialized fields as law and accounting, and other white collar/office-based careers.

The WMS connects broad language and general education with vocational training. It puts students on a path into a commercial field or to the further studies at practical universities such as the University of Applied Sciences for Economics or the University of Applied Sciences for Communication.

the WMS program takes three years.

General Information

A good graphical overview and all the details of the Swiss educational system can be found on the web pages of the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK).